In this article we talk about:

In this article we talk about:

How do we market in time of crisis?
Times are tough, clients with nerves tight.. business is not getting leads or slow orders … things are not so smooth as before… what now??? Well… Be There and Be ready!!
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3 tips on how to market in times of crisis

It’s time to focus on how we do our marketing… how do we are approaching clients, what message are we passing to them… and sometimes shifting to a new book of clients.
Remember not all businesses are going through the same crisis. Some are struggling and others have opportunities ahead.
Here are 3 tips that can help to get out of the negative loop:

01- Understand how this crisis is affecting the different areas of business and companies.

The problem is not transversal to all companies, business areas, or clients.
Some are being directly affected in a specific area, others are reacting to the general situation and with fear of what’s coming next.
And few see opportunities ahead and are adjusting their resources to respond to a need or take that opportunity.
we have to be aware of the reality so that we can adjust.

02- Stop forcing sales, and build a supportive and helpful message.

If there is a thing that people need when they are in a fearful situation is a positive environment and a message that can give allow them to foresee a future ahead.
Understanding how we can help, how our solution can reduce exposure, or boost a positive way out, is fundamental so that we can be taken as a real, trustful, and helpful solution.

03 Let’s find new clients or markets

Not all are stressed out, some are thriving with this new crisis…
Let’s search who’s gaining with it and get the opportunity to show them that we are there, and we can present a valid asset ( product or service)

In conclusion, let’s focus on what matters, focus on solving problems and not on selling.
Be There and Be ready!!

How about your business?
Comment below how is your company adapting its message while going through times of crisis? Let us know your tips & doubts !!!

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