increase sales with LOCAL SEO

In this article we talk about:

increase sales with LOCAL SEO

In this article we talk about:

Local SEO to increase customers and store sales
If you have a business that sells products or services in your local area, it is more than clear that you want people to visit your store, not only, to buy, but also to browse through the merchandise that you have available. Local SEO is one of the strategies in Digital Marketing that we use combined with Social Media to get ready to buy clients through the door. Yes, do you know that 50% of local searches turn into offline sales? More about stats and how Local SEO can bring foot drive to your local store, increasing revenue, That’s what we will talk about in this article.
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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO stands for Local Search Engine Optimization and is a Digital Marketing strategy to promote businesses
that have a physical location or serve a geographic area.
It means that when a potential customer searches for a service or product online for a specific geographic region,
It will show all businesses that match and also where are they located.
Usually, this kind of search has a really high intention to buy, it turns into a direct call to clarify some doubts, drive directly to the location or buy online to pick up.

If you want to know more about SEO and how it can be applied, we have an SEO article that can help you.

Local SEO, Who is this for?

As already mentioned earlier, businesses with a physical location or that serve a geographic area, are the most suitable for this kind
of marketing, because it presents a nearby and ready-to-sell solution to whatever intention the user is searching for.
From B2C to B2B, a business should take advantage of it as it is easier to rank in a specific region instead of in global rankings.
Competition for the same service or product is lower, it is easier to convert intentions into sales as there is already a strong intention to buy.

How does Local SEO help to get customers?

Google is the most used search engine in the world taking around 84% of global the search market.
and within this platform 46% are for local businesses, 50% with sales offline and 86% of people use google maps to find a specific business location.
Having these stats in mind means that, having an online presence optimized for local searches is a huge benefit and it will be easier to find
local businesses.
Searches like:

  • 4-star hotels near me, 
  • Vegan Restaurants in town,
  •  Wood supplier next to me, 
  • Running shoes near me,
  •  Dentist near me, 

the search engine will retrieve local businesses related, ranked not only by closest location but other factors like relevancy, and prominence, to provide what it thinks are the best
solutions to what was queried.

How to start with Local SEO?

The first step is to have a (GBP) Google business profile ( previous google my business).
If you don’t have this already, as most businesses do, you should set it up ASAP.
As a quick resume, a Google business profile is a short and very direct profile that allows businesses to :
describe what they do,

  • where they are,
  • what are they selling,
  • at what time they are
  • open for business,
  • how to get in contact,
  • how to reach them physically
    and what customers think of their service,
  • expressed in comments and star ratings.
  • It also allows your business to post content and interact with your community using chats,
    or buttons to request more details about something your business is providing.

Make sure your Name, Address Phone number are correct and consistent across your platforms, as this will help potential clients to reach you, but
also, google not rank you down for misleading information.
Besides your services or products, we suggest doing keyword research to include also phrases used by customers to find your services.

Rank better with a Google business profile

Now, how to rank better with a Google business profile…
As most of your competitors have already a profile created with some content, how can you position your business better?
According to late statistics :

  • Reviews are taking huge relevancy to rank better on the local pack. having positive reviews and 5-star ranks. Encourage your customers to engage and to review their experience with your business.
  • Keywords also took a very high relevance because they match directly with what users are searching for, and it increases relevancy.

Not only on the GBP but also on the webpage, Use relevant Keywords and create content that is adapted to the geographic area that you serve.


  • Use social media to engage with your community, and showcase your products so that it would be easier to recognize your brand, products, and services once users search online…( people go 1st for what they know, then for what is recommended, and finally they explore options)
  • Find commercial partnerships to link build and create content together, it will increase your authority and relevancy in the community not only online but also offline.

How to long does it take to start to have results with Local SEO

As with everything else with google or search engines, there are no exact time schedules as it depends on how you set the profile, what authority your webpage has already, the number of competitors, and so on, but on average it will take 4 to 8 weeks to start seeing 1st results.

Important features to have on a Local SEO

Keep in mind most of the searches are made on a cellphone, so make sure your website is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Among all Local SEO features, there are some that you must really pay attention to, like:

  • Consistency of your contact details (NAP) name, address, and phone number all over your platforms, or you will rank lower.

But keep in mind that your ranking will change depending on the geographic location of the search. How far is the store from the person searching?
Google creates a Grid where it adapts the ranking to the store location. 

It’s possible to use platforms like “gridmybusiness” to understand better how are you ranking in different locations.


  • Prominence, how well-spoken your business from other customers and related businesses ( links, articles, Reviews from customers, its research done by google so it can provide the best results)

Reviews and rankings from your customers, the higher the better, and don’t forget to engage and respond, not only for the search engine but mainly so that customers know that you are aware and
do good customer service.

  • Use images of products, and services to easily show what you do and what quality can you present.
  • Relevancy of the searched term in comparison with the services provided, search for Keywords relevant to your business to apply them on your GBP and webpage.

Is Local SEO worth B2B or is it just for B2C?

If your business does receive costumer in the office or store, then Local SEO is for you. Obviously, B2C takes more advantages from it as the flow of clients is bigger. But it is a setup that will benefit both with open doors to customers.

Video for Local SEO

As video is taking a huge place in content creation for market products and services, it also can be optimized for searches.
This is another entire topic, but to keep it short and simple, it has to follow these steps:
address high-volume searched Keywords, 

the title of the video has addressed the topic,

  •  short and direct description of what you will talk about, 
  • address relevant topics, 
  • write a  description of the video, 
  • and use metadata.
  • If there is a way to use geolocation, use it as well.

Google my business for global companies

Not all businesses are local, there are software companies and others that provide global, do they need Local SEO?
in our opinion, it’s not critical as local businesses, no. But there are a few advantages to having their profile set.
1- the business is claiming its google space, Clients will search for your brand and it will be easier to be identified there and to know where they are based. It will increase trust and credibility in the business
2- You can still create content directly with google posts.
3- customers can also give you reviews and comments so it helps to solidify your business in the digital world.


As part of a global digital marketing strategy, Local SEO has its place to start creating footfalls into your location and awareness of your business in the community.
To local businesses, it is crucial to maintain business activity combined with other digital approaches that can leverage this method.
If you want to know more about this subject and how it can be applied to your business, please get in contact now to start building a dedicated plan for you.

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