In this article we talk about:

In this article we talk about:

Why to use marketing market segmentation to boost sales?
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Why do we need to segment the market or our client base for sales or marketing?

The obvious reason is, that they have worked on different price tags, business volumes, or distinct business areas…
Right, but what other advantages can we get from this approach?

Market segmentation means that we are grouping people or companies according to a specific metric, it is not restricted to one or two.

On Marketing prospects, it is crucial to build communication bulks that relate to buying stages or journeys.

If we look into our list of prospects, we will find contacts that are in very different stages of the funnel.
Some are at the awareness stage, others getting into the consideration stage, and their needs and concerns are very different
it means that communication must be in line with that reality or it will not work at all.

This approach takes a step further when we are dealing with a base or buying clients.
If they are already buying, it’s time to create a retention plan and get more insights from that base.

 Key points to take into consideration to build a client retention plan:

  • what are they using the product or service?
  • Satisfaction rates
  • Struggles
  • taking into account those purchases, and presenting related suggestions or upgrades.

If you want to know more about client retention, find it here 

This kind of communication will put your business in close contact with your client base and prospects, creating a more stable road for the near and middle-term future.

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