In this article we talk about:

In this article we talk about:

Network better with digital marketing
Networking and digital tools a linked, but how to take advantage of these two areas?
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Networking.. the art of creating points of contact that help us to keep the boat sailing in smooth waters.

Despite being a point-to-point approach, if well taken care of, each of these points can bear fruit or speed up processes and tasks.

How can marketing take networking to another level?

We see it as a facilitator.

Accelerates message understanding.

Digital marketing is a mix of tools that allows for storytelling and the creation of content (long or short and in different formats). Bear in mind that it must add value to elements of the network, so it results in more awareness, trust, and creates a conversation purpose already with a certain level of knowledge.

Making not only the interpretation of the point-to-point conversation more effective but a great vehicle for partners to recommend us on their networks, thus increasing our ability to reach other audiences.

The time to participate in conferences and events with almost empty pockets is long gone. Now it’s possible to, in advance, share with your audience what you must share, what you must add, and how can you help. 

That will make a significant difference when chatting or connecting  

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